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My 1987 Toyota Supra with 1995 MKIV TT 17" rims

This page has several pics of the instalation and looks of my supra with 1995 MKIV TT 17" Rims on it.

I bought these rims from Mike Green in Ohio at Xmas 1997, driving 6 hours to Ohio to pick them up. I transported them all the way home, and left them in my garage until 2 days before the 1998 MID-WEST in Ohio. I was going to pick up pirelli supersports from the tire rack while attending the MID-WEST meet, but then I saw Firestone having a national tire sale, and the sz50's were roughly the same price and same performance features, but were local to me, and gave me the oportunity the show them off at the mid-west meet. I toted the rims down thursday morning, dropped off the rims and said i would be back at 5pm to have them installed. I went back at 5pm as planned and let them do their thing. I took several pics, as you knew i would, and here they are. I then left the tire store, drove home, packed up, ate some dinner, and preceded to drive out to winsdor on my first leg of the mid-west journey.

Here is a closup of the rear tire mounted on the car. You can see, or not see how much room is left over the wider rim and tire is installed. there is about 3/8" between the tire and the shock. My car has no suspension upgrades.

Here is the infamous before and after picture, and the effect is quite stunning. I tried to park in the same spot and take the picture from the same reference point to illistrate the full effect. I had several people at the Mid-West meet ask me if my car was a 91-92, hehehehe. I'm not saying the rest of my car is anywhere near perfect, but these rims and tires do throw off even the most knowledgable supra nuts.

The fronts are 235/40/17 Firestone Firehawks, while the rears are 275/40/17 firestone Firehawks(pictured here). You can clearly see by using the mud flap as a reference where the tire sticks out in both directions, and fits nicely under the fender while also getting real close to the shock. I would say this offset of 50mm is almost perfect for this 9.5 rim and my supra.

Here is a side by side shot to show the extra meat on the road provided by these very beefier 275's !! The traction is greatly improved over my stock goodyear eagle 225's.

If you see any pictures that you would like for your web page, or private collection, send me an e-mail, and i will forward you the uncompressed picture, which is 3 times the size and resolution.

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